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Dog Walking Business: Pricing Tactics

I think that most dog walking businesses have confusing pricing tactics. There's never just one price.dog walking business prices

I was reminded of this while watching a TV commercial for a popular sandwich shop franchise today.  The whole concept of the spot was to inform the viewer that "ANY" sandwich was just $5.  Except, of course, it isn't "ANY".  It's "Most".  That $5 price doesn't include the "premium sandwiches".  

So they say "ANY" in the commercial at least 15 times and so you might think you can go in and get ANY sandwich you want.  But you can't.  And that leads to potentially making customers think they had the old "bait and switch" pulled on them. 

If you've got a dog walking business and make a claim for your prices, stick to it.  Don't make exceptions.  And don't lure people into thinking they're going to get your service for X price when it's likely it's going to cost them Y price instead.  It just makes people mad.  

And a person with a bad impression of you is worse than a person with no impression of you.


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