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Another Great Reason To Be In The Pet Business.

There are lots of great reasons to be in the pet business.  We were reminded of one of the main ones when we read this article

  • people spend an incredible amount of money on their pets!million dollar dog 1

If you didn't read the article at the link above, the bottom line is that someone in China spent $1.5 MILLION to buy their new dog.

Yes, we correctly said MILLION!

No matter if you obtained your pet for free or you spent over a million dollars on him/her, you know you have unconditional love and would do anything to keep it safe, happy, and healthy.

The pet industry is one of the few industries where competing on "price" alone isn't always super important.  Because people value their pets so highly, they often don't mind spending a few bucks more for a product/service that is truly different and special.

Would you love to be in the pet business?  Contact us and we can help you. 


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