A Professional Pet Franchise.

You look marvelous.

We love when companies look like they care.  We think it’s a big factor in what separates the “good” companies apart from the “great” ones.  professional pet care franchise

That’s why we make an effort to project a professional image in everything we do.  And when you join up with us, you’ll be able to project that image, too, with:

  • multiple pages on the “dogsloverunning.com” website domain that are your personal pages for your local franchise (here's an example of a current franchisee's personal section on our site)
  • your own personal blog on our website (like this)
  • a national toll-free telephone number (1-877-PETS-RUN) where callers are routed to you automatically 24x7x365
  • a “dogsloverunning.com” email address (not gmail, hotmail, aol, etc)
  • high-quality, full-color marketing materials
  • professionally written agreements and forms to use with clients and team members
  • insurance and bonding coverage
  • zero-hassle system for clients to pay via credit/debit card
  • online client scheduling and customer management system
  • and lots of other little details that we’re constantly improving so that you project an image that helps your future customers to get to know, like, and trust you


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