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Is Your Dog Walking Business Unfortunate?

I was listening to an interview with a person who was representing a major technology company talking about their "portable mp3 player".  I'll forgo naming the company/product, but let's just say they're defintely not Apple or the iPod.dog walking apology

During the course of the interview, I lost track of how many times the person used the word "unfortunately" to describe his product. 

unfortunately, you can't do it that easily...

unfortunately, the system wasn't designed that way...

unfortunately, there's really no work-around to get that feature to work...

unfortunately, the engineers won't listen to me to redesign it so that there's a better user experience...

And it went on and on.  At almost every intersection where he could have really sold the company and his product he, instead, had to apologize for it.  Yes, during an interview that thousands upon thousands of people were listening to, he was literally apologizing for how sucky his product was. 

Here's a quick tip:

  • If you have to use the adverb "unfortunately" to describe your product/service, you need to fix it before you try to sell it to someone

In your dog walking business, do you ever have to apologize for how your service is set up?  Do you have to use the term "unfortunately" in relation to what you can or cannot do for a client?If so, you may want to rethink that. 

Be proud of everything you do.  If you don't do something, simply say you don't do it.  Don't apologize for it.

Everything you do, you should do extremely well so that when someone asks you a question, you can start your response with "Yes, fortunately..."


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