Dog Running in Barrington, Palatine, Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods and the surrounding areas.

Dogs Love Running (hence, our name).

We're dog and pet runners. "Dog Running" is our claim to fame. And a lot of people ask "do you really run with dogs?" To which we reply, "yes".

This specialized service is similar to our dog walking service, except - of course - that we go faster (pretty obvious, huh?). Most dogs are able (and very willing) to move along at a quick pace and so they love going out with us. How fast we go is up to you and your dog.  Whether fast or slow, it's great dog exercise.

Having us as your dog runner could be perfect for you if you've got a dog that has a lot of energy, always wants to play, or if no one is home during the day. It could also be a great option if your dog shows some negative behavior traits because exercise can often decrease (or eliminate) the anxiety and stress that lead to unwanted behaviors. Most dogs need a solid 30+ minutes of heart-pumping exercise each day and our running service can be the perfect solution.

Don't worry if you've never run with your dog before. We'll try it out and evaluate how he/she handles it. We can go faster or slower - whatever is best for your particular situation and your pet exercise needs. If needed, you can always switch to our dog walking service instead.

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