We now have an even better way to help you start your pet business and we can't wait to show you.  Find out about our new system to help you be a dog walker and pet sitter here.  

Making Money On Autopilot.

Here's the key to success.

Our business is focused on obtaining repeat dog walking/running customers who use you regularly each week. 

By having regular clients who use you on the same days at the same times week after week after week all year long, your business starts generating revenue on near autopilot status.  This means that you can build a steady revenue stream that's predictable and constant.

But dog walking/running isn't the only service that pet owners need.  So, another strength of the Dogs Love Running! brand and system is that you’ll have more than one way to make money without getting into too many different and fragmented types of businesses. 

The benefit to you is, because we have multiple complimentary services used by so many different types of people, your revenue isn’t tied to just one source.  Plus, the operation of your business stays lean and efficient because all the services you'll offer are closely related to each other. 

In addition, another important point of differentiation about us is that we’re very deliberate about what services we do and do not offer.  Keeping in mind our focus on pet exercise and health, we offer these 3 main services to our loyal clients:

  • Dog Running
  • Dog Walking
  • Pet Sitting for common household pets

As a franchisee, you will provide these services throughout the year.  Our business model is designed so that most of your revenue is derived from weekly dog running/walking with pet sitting revenue adding extra income during peak travel times such as holidays and summer vacations. 

  • Private, in-home pet boarding at your home or the homes of your staff members
  • Private, customized doggy day care solutions
  • Pet sitting for "unusual" pets
  • House sitting/watching
  • And other related customized pet care services that clients may request and that fit within our expertise and skill sets

We want to point out an especially unique service that you can provide to further separate yourself from the competition:  GPS Tracking.  We’ve adapted a GPS-enabled exercise device in a way where we can show clients:

  • how far we went on a walk/run
  • how fast we traveled
  • a map of exactly where we went
  • when we arrived and left

We’ve yet to have a client that had ever heard of GPS tracking for dogs, much less knew of another pet service that does this.  So, when they learn that this is possible, many are super excited about it.

Note that, unlike some other pet-related business concepts out there, we don’t also try to squeeze in every pet service under the sun.  So, for example, we do not provide:

  • dog training
  • pet taxi
  • food delivery and errands
  • tangible pet products (toys, clothes, etc)
  • dog grooming

The reason we don’t do these other services is very simple.  It’s because these types of services interrupt your focus and screw up your efficiency.  They are completely different businesses that require different skills, different equipment, different training procedures and/or different levels of accident/risk acceptance.  

We don't want to be everything to everyone.  What we want is to be absolute and complete experts in just a few things that there's a high demand for. 

Your clients will love and trust you for your focused expertise and you'll love yourself because your business will remain streamlined and manageable.