GPS Tracking for dogs and pets: Never wonder again - Dogs Love Running!

GPS Tracking For Pets.

Dog walking and pet sitting peace of mind.

Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Tracking means that you'll never again have to wonder if your pet walker/sitter showed up on time. Or if they even showed up at all. Or if they stayed as long as they should have. Or if they walked far enough. Or if you got what you paid for.

With the Dogs Love Running! service and our handy-dandy GPS units, these worries are a thing of the past. Here's how it works:

The GPS device is worn by us, not your pet. It looks like a big wrist watch and when our service starts, the GPS timer begins. When the service is over, the timer ends. In between those two points, we can show you the following details.

Day & Time: Here you'll see the day and the exact time (hour, minute, and second) that we arrived.

Distance Traveled: No matter if we're walking, running, or even just playing in the backyard, we can show you how far we went.

Duration: Here's how long we stayed (hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths).

Route: We can also show you the route we took on our walk/run. Our path is plotted as a series of highlighted dots around your neighborhood streets or park.

Of course, we'll always do what we said we'd do whether or not you're requesting GPS tracking. Having it available is just another thing that sets us apart from everyone else. Adding GPS tracking to your service costs just $2 extra per visit.

Find the location nearest to you.  Or, contact us and we'll be happy to help you.