Get To Know Amy And The Team

I'm Amy and my story is simple – I love animals and am determined to spend the rest of my working days making a positive impact on their lives. 

Since 2005, I made a living analyzing and reanalyzing numbers in a corporate office and not loving it.  Realizing and finally accepting how important animals have always been to me (dogs have been a part of my family for the past 23 years), it made sense to follow my calling and give back to our pets what they have always given to me – happiness, respect, and unconditional love.  

Let’s be honest, it can be stressful not only for our pets, but for us as pet parents while we are separated from our furry friend. Being a proud (and often, humbled) dog parent of two, I understand the challenges that come along with being a busy adult human and a loving pet owner.

I have two rescue dogs of my own:  Riley, a husky/lab mix who loves sunbathing, watching squirrels, and rolling in everything and anything; and my little man Max, who loves cuddling, being goofy, and getting into trouble.  

If anyone knows the benefits exercise has for dogs and their owners, it’s me.  Max never tires….ever….seriously. 

Unless I want a ripped up couch or saliva soaked shoe, I owe him a few long walks per day.  And Riley doesn’t mind joining us to explore the neighborhood.  I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that a tired pet, is a happy and better behaved pet!

It’s fascinating how big of an impact a dog can have on your life, and this quote (Author unknown) has always summed up the way I feel:  “I aspire to be the person my dog thinks I am.” 

Cheesy?  Yes, but I’ll put away my ego for my furry kids anytime.  I owe them that.  And it means the world to me that pet owners like yourself are thinking about their pet’s happiness and well-being.

Our goal at Dogs Love Running! is simple - we help pets live longer and behave better through exercise. 

I wholeheartedly believe in all the services we provide you and your pet, and I’d love the chance to speak with you to share how we can help!

Contact me today and let's get to know each other..

- Amy Mishima

Additional Members of Our Team


Hi!  I’m the Operations Manager for Dogs Love Running! of Elmhurst. I’ve always loved animals and I got a deeper appreciation for how amazing dogs are when I met my doggy soulmate, Haku. Now I know for sure that my life wouldn’t be complete without me working with dogs. I love every new dog I have met and am looking forward to meeting many more!


I'm recently retired and still very active.  I have a love for running, an avid dog lover and always up for a challenge.


I live in Elmhurst with my husband, and two daughters, and four cats. Priscilla, Bad Guy, Sage and Smudge. I have been a Dogs Love Running Team Member since July 2017 and have loved every second.


Hi!  I love dogs & cats! I have 2 Golden Boys, Tucker & Cody. I love visiting the DLR clients' pets that I’ve gotten to know these last few years!


Hi!  I live in Elmhurst with my chocolate lab Shana. We love to play outside and go hiking, running, swimming, camping, and backpacking. Shana fetches anything you throw to her and she never misses an opportunity to go in the water. 


Hi!  I was born and raised in Elmhurst.  I've been working with animals my entire life, and that's not even counting the 10+ years of taking care of my own dog, Lexi.


Hi!  I have been passionate about animals all my life and am currently going to school to major in zoology.  My current pets are a grumpy cat, beautiful fish, and docile leopard gecko! Along with my love for furry pets, I also have a special place in my heart for exotic ones!


Hello!  I love dogs! I l have two beautiful English mastiffs and one small chihuahua. I have always been a big animal lover as a child. Sometimes in my spare time I would volunteer at animal shelters. I am currently in medical school studying to be a Emergency Medical Technician. I am so happy and excited to be apart of the DLR team!

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