Get To Know Heidi & Her Team


I'm Heidi.  I love what I do and I think you'll notice that right away when you talk with me.

I've been a dog lover all my life.  My husband Pete and I have three dogs of our own.  I'm an active volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors for a national English Setter rescue.  Not only do I help setters find loving new homes all across the country, but Pete, our three girls and I have also brought more than 40 foster dogs into our home until they have found adoptive families of their own.  Since we've run the gamut from litters of puppies to sweet senior citizens, we know how much exercise benefits a dog, no matter the age, size, or breed!  And, being outside makes everyone feel better.  

I believe whole-heartedly in the philosophy of Dogs Love Running! that we can help pets live longer and behave better through exercise.  Knowing that we can make an impact on the health of the dogs we serve is extremely gratifying.  Plus, helping dogs means that we're also helping their owners, too (that's you)!  

I'd love to have the chance to speak with you, so why don't you contact me and we'll talk.  I think you'll love what we can do for you and your pet.

And below is a news story done on Dogs Love Running! by Naperville TV.  You'll see me toward the end of the news segment at about the 1:43 minute mark.

Additional Members of Our Team


Animals have always been a part of my life.  My husband Marko & I collected an impressive assortment of hamsters & fish while raising our three children.  We also rescued a Husky/Shepherd puppy that we named Quinby and have added 5 spectacular felines to our home!  I walked 3+ miles every day with Quinby for 13 years and once she was gone there was a hole in my heart.  I am so grateful that I found Heidi & Dogs Love Running! to fill that hole with so many special dogs and cats to care for everyday! 


To say that I’m an animal lover is an understatement. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in professional leadership studies, yet my passion has guided me to a career taking care of animals. Being a believer in adopt, don't shop, my boyfriend Jim and I rescued our one-year-old cat, Simba, last year. My all-time favorite quote is “You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.”  I plan to always have animals in my life, at home and at work. I can't imagine not seeing my clients' dogs each day!


I have been an animal lover since I was a little kid, always surrounded by dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, fish and the occasional stray that I would bring home.  I feel so fortunate that I am able to be a part of Dogs Love Running! where I can combine my love of all animals with my passion for running (and walking).  I love spending my days with my furry friends!  I live in Naperville with my husband, two kids, a goofy chocolate lab Penny and our chubby kitty Phoebe.


During my tenure in banking, I went part-time to start up my own pet sitting business. Although it didn’t take off like I would have liked, my dream of working with animals in some capacity never went away. After retiring from banking, I was lucky enough to see an ad for a dog walker/pet sitter with Dogs Love Running!  Five years after responding to that ad, I still have my dream job. I get to be with my best friends every day! 


My sister and I used to have a neighborhood pet sitting business when we were growing up.  Now I am a college sophomore at the University of Evansville, studying creative writing and psychology with a minor in studio art.  I continue to take care of pets by working for Dogs Love Running! during the summer and on holiday breaks.  This summer, my family and I got a new kitty named Drax.  I love him so much.  Drax enjoys playing fetch and chasing his tail and he adores people. I can't wait until I can bring Drax to college with me!


Having an animal in your family gives so much joy and pleasure to your life.  I have been lucky to have many: from Scruffy my childhood dog to Bull Mastiff Elvis, the first dog my husband William and I had, to our current dogs, our lab Lisa Marie and our Old English Bulldog Princess.  We have also had two yorkies and two beautiful cats.  I appreciate the bond that a family can have with a pet.  Working with Dogs Love Running! gives me the chance to get to know other animals and build a bond with them and their families.  I have found the greatest job in the world! 


After growing up on a farm and spending most of my life surrounded by animals, I realized I had been missing something for the past 10 years. As a college track coach, I'm on the road a lot so I can't have a pet of my own.  I joined Dogs Love Running! to fill the void. Now I can spend my days with a variety of dogs and enjoy their unique personalities. 

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