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Lots of people have been interested in our unique concept. And so has the media. Here are a few articles about us.

As seen in the September 12, 2008 Naperville and Lisle Sun Newspapers (the text has been added to this page below since it is illegible in the photo).

When Lisle resident John Reh arrives at work, his clients are so excited to see him they jump up and lick his face. Reh and his wife, Erica, left the corporate world and opened Dogs Love Running! - a service that offers dog running, dog walking, and pet sitting, boarding, and daycare.

"We're giving the dog the exercise that they really need," Reh said. Anyone with a dog knows how fast it can dash away the moment a fence or back door is left open. Reh takes dogs running in a more ideal situation: he comes to the client's home and runs with the dog for up to an hour, keeping the animal in shape and healthy. "Nearly half of all dogs in the US are considered obese," he said, walking one of his daily clients, a 12-year old chocolate lab named Mocha.

For those who work all day, finding time to walk the dog can be difficult. And a 15-minute walk around the block once or twice a day just doesn't cut it for dogs built for strength and running, Reh said. John, who grew up in Naperville, describes himself as a "big runner" who has competed in marathons and triathlons, as has Erica. He'll run at a pace comfortable for the dog. After starting their pets on a running or walking routine, owners have reported to Reh that their dogs are trimmer, more energetic and more disciplined on the leash.

To keep owners updated on how long and how far Reh went with the dogs, he keeps a GPS band around his wrist that records all that information, which he can later e-mail to the owners. Ever the responsible dog walker, Reh also makes sure to clean up all the doggy waste with 100% degradable bags.

Erica suggested the business idea to her husband. Although he loved running and dogs, he was unsure how he could turn dog running into a full-time job. After thinking through a few ideas, he used his busines background to get the company up and running. After starting the business, he added the pet sitting, boarding, and daycare services at the request of his clients.

As seen in the December 19, 2008 Reporter Newspaper as the cover story (the text has been added to this page below because it is illegible in the photo).

ohn Reh has a standing appointment every morning with one of his favorite clients. He has not missed a single meeting, regardless of weather conditions. It should be noted that weather is a significant factor in Reh's line of work since the bulk of his business is done outdoors walking and running with dogs, including Bailey, a 20-pound mixed breed. Bailey awaits Reh's arrival every day, said Mae, Bailey's owner. "If he is running a few minutes behind, Bailey will get antsy and wait by the door for him to arrive; she looks for him," said Mae. "They really have bonded."

Reh, a Lisle resident, owns Dogs Love Running!, a business that provides exercise and other services for dogs and their owners in the Lisle, Naperville, and surrounding areas."

"The nice thing is that not only is John great with Bailey, he is also so dependable. I use him seven days a week, and he has never missed a single day since he began coming here," she said. Reh even worked on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Reh's commitment is good news for Mae, who said Bailey's daily run has a soothing effect on the pet. "Bailey is just so wired. But after John comes and takes her for her run, she is so much more relaxed."

Mae and Bailey are one of about 75+ clients that Dogs Love Running! has. "I had worked for several years in downtown Chicago as a corporate headhunter doing the corporate thing. Although the money was decent, you can only be on the telephone so long each day before you get tired of it," said Reh, who with wife, Erica, put together the Dogs Love Running! business plan.

Keeping pace with a variety of canines each week can be challenging, Reh said. "Sometimes I rollerblade with the dogs; sometimes I jog; sometimes it's a full sprint; sometimes just a walk, depending on the dog.The pace depends on things like the age and size of the pet.

Daily running or walking with a dog is a method of managing its behavior and health, Reh said. "What we really provide is exercise to help pets live longer and behave better. Regular exercise has a tremendous impact on the health and behavior of all breeds of dogs."

Mae said one of the benefits of the Dogs Love Running! service, unlike many others services, is Reh's precise record keeping. "John documents the time he arrives and leaves, and also leaves a checklist of services provided, such as whether or not he fed Bailey, played with her or groomed her," Mae said.

In the evening, while the pets he serves are asleep, Reh does the necessary follow-up paperwork. "Sometimes I start by 7am and get done after 10pm, completing the administrative stuff," Reh said. "Still, there is nothing I would rather do."