Dog walking and pet sitting case studies

Case Studies.

Lots of people use us for lots of reasons.

We do a lot more than just "run dogs". Maybe you'll see a similarity between your situation and those we've helped below. If not, still give us a call (because we've probably already helped someone like you and just didn't specifically list it here).

The Super, Extra, Bounce-Off-The-Wall, Hyper-And-Lovable Dog: Here's Bailey. She's awesome. She's also got so much energy that you could power Pittsburgh for a day if you could somehow tap her energy reserves. So, we run with her. And run. And run. We went about 1900 miles with her last year (yes, for real). If you've got a dog with extra energy, we can help you out. And your dog will totally love you for it.

The "change in household" dog. This is Angus. Angus' owners recently welcomed a new baby into the house. As you can imagine, there was a change in the available time for his owners. So, they called us. Now we spend some time with him too - to help keep him happy and healthy. Maybe you've had a change in your household - maybe a new job, new baby, or some other event that has altered how much time you have available and/or when you're home.