Dogs Love Running! Customer Testimonials.

You'll be a raving fan too.

We work very hard to have a 100% client satisfaction rating. That's one of the reasons why we were given a "Small Business of the Year" award by the Naperville Chamber of Commerce. Here are some of the other reasons that people love us (and why you will too):

What a unique idea! This is a great service for high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise - Director, West Suburban Humane Society

This is a nice service. The people are great and the dogs love it too! - Brigitte

My dogs are thriving, and I like to think I could attribute part of that to their weekly runs with Dogs Love Running! They are very respectful of my house and do a great job meeting mine and my dogs' needs - Michelle

I love that my dog is getting exercise, as well as loving attention! On a day when it was lightening, they came in, played together, and when the storm lessened, they still went out and completed the run! You can't beat that! We are VERY happy! - Kim

Great service. Very reliable and flexible. You're very patient with our little puppy! - Sandra

This is a cool service!... Your pets will love getting more exercise and having some company in the middle of the day! Less guilt for you...more fun for them! - Emilie

Very professional service, dogs were so happy to see you guys when you came! Would definitely recommend to anyone! - Kimmy

Thanks so much for taking such good care of my dog, I really appreciate it. I was able to have peace of mind during my vacation and that meant a lot. Thanks again and we'll definitely call on you again in the future - Val

I've found Dogs Love Running! to be extremely reliable and very flexible and easy to deal with. Thanks! - Doug

What a great service! It is so unique to have the option of traditional pet sitting services or having your dog go for a run! - Kristy

The cost of walking services from Dogs Love Running! was not as much as you might expect and they were very helpful and professional - Carol

I like the fact that my dog Gracie is always happy to see you, although she is not the most enthusiastic runner. You encourage her and she responds well to that. I appreciate that you are also very flexible if we have to change our scheduled dates - Jane

I love the GPS attachments - you know exactly where your dog went! Also, I love the written report sheet that's left at the house. It made me feel like there was a real interest in my dog! You made me feel very comfortable at the first meeting, and that was also important - Debbie

Our dog enjoys his longer walks! - Nathan

It feels good to have found someone trustworthy to exercise our dog during the week. Our lives are very hectic and we found we weren't devoting enough time to our dog. Thanks to Dogs Love Running!, he is now getting some more exercise and we're even seeing improvements in his behavior! We couldn't be happier with Dogs Love Running! - Lisa

Dogs Love Running! is definitely a step up from other pet sitting businesses and provides our dog with the care and exercise that he deserves! - Seema

Our dog seems to be more calm on days you come here, thanks! He is a very energetic dog. Your walks/runs help keep his energy level down so he's not as "crazy" when he's home. Your service is dependable and you advise as to the status of the dog while he's out. We are extremely satisfied with your services and would highly recomment you!!! Thank you! - Judy

We really love the service you offer! Thank you so much for watching our kitties while we were on vacation. Dogs love running are very trustworthy and they give you great peace of mind while you are away. I know that my kitties were taken care of and when we came home they were healthy and happy! - Grace

We're very happy... thanks so much for taking great care or our little doggy! - Rob

My dog is so happy when I come home from work. It is nice to know she has gotten good exercise when I can't be there to do it for her - Meghan

I loved that you specialize in dog running and exercise. I've found that to be a key component of my dog's happiness and health especially while we are gone. Thanks Dogs Love Running! - Bryant

I like how flexible the service is to my needs - Lisa

I was very comfortable with you and the time you spent with us learning about our dogs. The proof is certainly in the pudding - when we returned from vacation, while my dogs were happy to have us home, they seemed very relaxed and happy. There was no anxiety which would typically be the case when we are gone. I know they were very happy the week we were gone and enjoyed their time with the Dogs Love Running folks - Nicole

I just love the puppy report cards they leave each day to let me know how my dog did for the day - some of the comments are soooooo funny! It's great to see people love what they're doing and treat my dog so well - Dave

I think this is a great service, especially for dog that are high energy. Many owners are not high energy or cannot run for various reasons, so this is a valuable service! - Sarah

We were very happy to see that you had put a few lights on in the house, when we returned in the evening. We feel that John, and his company, take responsibility, and don't just "walk the dog." They also gave us feedback on our dog's disposition when they visited, which told us that they care about the dog's emotions. Dogs Love Running! provides an invaluable service! - Eileen

I couldn't be more satisfied with your service and will definitely recommend you to others. If you can handle 4 Siberian Huskies, you can handle anything!! The dogs were glad to see us, but I think they miss you a little, too! - Deb

They left a postcard with details regarding how the visit went. On the back of the card they wrote a personal note. I found this a nice touch. I was not worried about my dog while I was out of town for one week. The Dogs Love Running! team was very accomodating and pleasant. I trusted them immediately - Julie

I thought your service was very professional. I was impressed by the attentiveness shown by the staff. I also felt like the cats were genuinely cared about. This put me at much ease while I was away, so thanks for that - Laura

My dog looks forward to your arrival each day. With her high level of energy, the workout she is getting has made a huge difference in her manners and behavior. She seems much more mellow. Thanks! - Mae

I have started running and walking more with my dog myself (in addition to you guys) and he is SO GOOD running on the leash now! (before he was always super crazy) You guys have done a great job with him! - Matt

We have been very pleased with the service you have provided for our dog. Thanks so much! - Natalie

My dogs were happy, well fed and taken care of. Thanks! - Jen

Exceeded my expectations! Dogs were content and happy upon return. Loved the report card with the note they left. Paws were wiped - very muddy outside - they did a perfect job. Would call again any time. - Susan

Our dog is extremely energetic and running helps his overall behavior and happiness. We were relieved to find a service that could help our dog get the exercise he needs! - Melissa

You all did a great job, Murphy and Emma were very happy on our return!  We will definitely use your services again and recommend you to others.  Really liked that you sent the email so I knew the first walk went smoothly and  loved the daily notes. We love and enjoy our dogs and it is nice to hear others do too! - Pati

I would like to say that I found your staff delightful, knowledgable and genuinely caring about my dog's (AND my plants'!!) well-being.  Angel appeared happy and healthy upon my return home.  I think you and your organization provide wonderful and professional services, and I couldn't have been happier!  I also love the degree of follow-up. Not only will I be using you the next time Angel needs a sitter, but I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen!!  - Joann

We love your service and think you are doing a FANTASTIC job.  This has worked out better than we could have ever imagined!  - Dusty

Thanks for creating such a great company.  Your customer service has been outstanding and this transition has been seamless.  Thanks much and take care! - Jen

With my recent special request, I only had to ask once and you guys did it perfectly.  I'm very pleased.  Thank you.  - Laura

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