Cat Boarding.

Fun. Safe. Secure. Private.

Going away and need someone to take great care of your cat? We can help.

Our cat boarding is different than most other boarding and kennel services. That's because we provide a private, cage-free environment that's convenient for you as well as fun, safe, and secure for your feline friend.

We don't have some big megacenter facility where we keep a gazillion-and-one animals. Instead, our team members offer their homes to you where your cat will have private, individual attention. That means that there won't be any other cats other than yours and yours alone.

Since we don't keep other pets while yours is with us, you know that your four-legged friend is safe. With us, they're not going to get bitten or catch some disease from another animal.

We make it fun for your cat because we give them individual love, attention, and play time all day and night.

We provide a cage-free environment where your cat can roam freely.

We make our home just like your home while your cat is with us. That way, they're always comfortable and happy.

And we make it convenient for you. You can drop off and pick up your cat at your convenience. We can also try to arrange for us to pick up and drop off your pet so you don't even have to drive anywhere.

Find the location nearest to you.  Or, contact us and we'll be happy to help you.