Turnkey Pet Franchise Business System


We now have an even better way to help you start your pet business and we can't wait to show you.  Find out about our new system to help you be a dog walker and pet sitter here.  

A Turnkey Business.

We give you everything you need to be successful.

With the Dogs Love Running! franchise opportunity, you’ll have everything you need to start operating your business as soon as you’re done with your training.  In fact, we even give you things to work on before you even come to training.  That way, you can get started preparing and planning for your business just about as soon as you agree to join up with us.  

And everything we do is in a “paint-by-numbers” format.  We know you’re smart and our step-by-step guidance will help enable you use your brains to execute your plan, not waste your time making you figure out what to do next.  

We’re also designed to have team members helping you (although you can also do it by yourself).  Having help frees you up to work on the business (not in it) or to do other things that are important to you.  

Here’s an overview of the key items that you’ll receive and be using:

  • Lifetime Coaching and Business Development:  For the life of your franchise agreement, we provide you with personal coaching to help you grow your business.  From helping create an explosive Grand Opening on your first day to answering questions years down the line, we're here to help. 

  • Pre-training Workbook:  As soon as you decide to join up with us, we give you lots to do to prepare for opening your business so that you have tons of knowledge before you even get to your formal training class.
  • Formal Training:  An intensive, multi-day training program covering everything you need to know to run your business.
  • iPad Paint-By-Numbers Operations Manual:  Our Operations Manual is available on the iPad.  This guidebook is a complete step-by-step instruction manual on how to do everything related to running your business.  Since starting up from scratch can be a lot to take on and learn all at once, we have a "paint-by-numbers" approach that shows you our sophisticated processes in an easily understandable way.
  • Templates and Tools:  There's nothing you need to create or invent by yourself.  We give you all the templates and tools you'll need so you can simply "copy and paste" for maximum efficiency.
  • Marketing Support:  We’re here to help you with the classic question of “how do I get customers?”  We’ve boiled our marketing program down to 2 comprehensive, but basic, strategies that anyone can follow.
  • Operations Support:  After you get customers, a lot of people forget to ask “how do I keep my customers?”  With our processes and tools, we’ll help you create loyal customers that stay with you for years.
  • Train The Trainer:  Since part of our business includes you having staff members (if you want to have them), we train you on how to train them.  This includes help with recruiting, interviewing, background checks, scheduling, managing, and more.
  • Insurance and Bonding:  As a professional business, you'll have professional protection with our insurance and bonding coverage programs.
  • Website & Blog:  You'll have your own pages on the dogsloverunning.com domain name showcasing your specific local franchise business (and, if you're the technical type, you'll appreciate that our SEO-optimized pages, landing pages, analytics, real-time content management system changes, and other fancy technical goodies that make our site attract and convert lots of eyeballs)
  • Full-Color Marketing Materials:  In addition to digital marketing through the internet, there are also some printed marketing materials you'll use such as business cards, brochures, road signs, door hangers, and more.
  • Continual Enhancement:  We're continually trying to build the better mousetrap.  From marketing to operations to graphic design and everything in between, we're always looking to improve and provide you with new and enhanced tools, tactics, and strategies. 
  • Web-based Software:  With the web-based software we use, you can operate your Dogs Love Running! franchise from just about anywhere in the world using your mobile phone, mac, or pc.
  • Videos and articles:  You’ll have access to informational and instructional articles and videos that we and our partners have created (these are mostly marketing-related).  New information is available to you almost every day of the week.  
  • Professional Contact Methods:  Customers can easily remember how to contact you with our toll-free phone number of 1-877-PETS-RUN.  You’ll also have a dogsloverunning.com email address like “jane@dogsloverunning.com” instead of something unprofessional-looking such as “springfieldpetsittingbiz@aol.com” 
  • A Huge Territory:  You’ll have a protected territory of 250,000 people to market within.  People within this area are your clients and your clients alone.  No other nearby franchisees are allowed to take people on as clients if they live within your protected boundaries.
  • Advice and Encouragement:  There’s a story behind why we started this company and we know there will be a story in why you joined up with us.  And in every story there’s ups and downs.  So, we’re here to help you through those.  You’ll never be alone with your fellow business professionals and animal lovers when you’re on the Dogs Love Running! team.
  • Fast Start-Up:  You can be up and running in just a matter of weeks once you decide to join up with us.