Reasons to choose the Dogs Love Running! pet care service.

Why You'll Love Dogs Love Running!

Oh, let us count the ways.

We focus on exercise in everything we do. And, through exercise, we strive to help your pets live longer and behave better (we don't know of anyone else who does this).

We're your biggest bang for the buck. Guaranteed. No other service does more for less (see our provider comparison and prices/rates).

Free initial consultation. We always meet up with you and your pet prior to the first service so we know exactly what you need and want.

We're a Naperville Chamber of Commerce "Small Business of the Year" award recipient (this means that you can count on us to be reliable and professional).

100% of our clients recomend us. They all also agree we're a great value.

We have available GPS tracking. You'll never wonder again what your pet did today (again, no one else does this).

You can check in with us for an update while you're away. We'll be happy to tell you how Garfield and Odie are doing.

We leave daily "report cards" to tell you what fun and exciting things happened each day.

We can run with your dog. Yes, run. And they love it (and, um, again, no one else does this).

We come to your house. This "in-home" service makes it super easy and convenient for you.

We're almost always "on". So, you can contact us at any time in a variety of ways.

We have no minimum visit requirements (if you need us just once, that's OK).

We have one, low, all-inclusive price. Having one price means it's easy for you to remember and you'll always know exactly what the rate is. Having a low price means you can easily afford us.

We can help you when: you work long hours, you travel for business/pleasure, you can't be home unexpectedly, you need a buddy for your pet, your pet needs to get back into and/or stay in shape, and in many other situations too.

We're veterinarian recommended.

We're used and endorsed by the West Suburban Humane Society.

We're eco-friendly. We use 100% degradable pet waste pickup bags. And we get around town using our 40+mpg Smart Car (maybe you've seen it?).

We have pets too. So, we know how important they are to you.

We're not just a one-person show. That means we always have a backup person available.

Our staff is awesome. They're all responsible, educated, and mature pet-owning and loving adults.

Getting going with us is super easy. And we're very flexible if you need to alter, cancel, or add service dates/times.

We have insurance up the wazoo. And bonding too.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If something isn't right, we'll fix it.